Building Intimacy: Adding a Pleasure Product

Sexual intimacy is one of the most meaningful pillars of care, health, and well-being. Coming up on Valentine’s Day, many couples are searching for ways to increase sexual intimacy, and give their partners an experience of a lifetime. We often find that the biggest concern is the mentality around adding a pleasure product- does it decrease intimacy? Is it a replacement of our partner or their abilities?

An Addition, Not Replacement.

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We can’t stress this enough: Pleasure products are meant to enhance your experience, not replace your partner. We often times compare this to a story I tell with heading to your next destination. While you could walk to your destination that is 5 miles away, why not take an Uber instead? It’s the same destination, just one path is faster, more efficient, and very comfortable.

Pleasure products can give amazing, life-changing results- but they will never replace human interaction. Partners may feel apprehensive about toys, thinking it’s because they aren’t doing well enough with performance. This is far from the truth in 90% of cases, and requires communication between partners. It’s just one more tool in the toolbox!

Exploring New Sensations

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An exciting way to explore intimacy is to share new sensations together- and pleasure products can bring in the excitement. Our customers are often in long term relationships and looking for ways to reignite sexual spark, and it doesn’t take much! Sexual spark can be heavily engraved in “new” and “the unknown”, and a small pleasure product can constitute this.

Some common forms of sensation exploration are clitoral stimulation and prostate stimulation. These are both very arousing points for the male and female body, often producing new heights of climax. Vibrating toys can stimulate nerve endings all around the body, bringing new waves of sexual response. Products that apply pressure or gentle massage can stimulate sexual response and heighten what would be typical sensations.

Romantic Gesture

Receiving flowers, chocolate, and stuffed animals can all be romantic gifts this Valentine’s Day- but do they last? Some of the most memorable gestures of kindness may not be things, but the experiences those things give. A new, sensual pleasure product can spice up the night, and many more times after.

Validating your partner’s pleasure may not only be very caring, but extremely sexy. Our sensuality is part of who we are, and it’s essential we care for it just as much as we other things.

Assisting Intimacy

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Wearable, silicone rings to achieve comfortable depth in penetration.

Over time or through different life events, we may find that we need assistance in our sensual intimacy. Perhaps your partner experiences bouts of sexual discomfort, dryness, erectile disfunction, etc. This is not a hurdle, but just a stepping stone into new ways of exploring intimacy.

Adding a pleasure product such as a toy, lubricant, or educational book can help you better understand you or your partners body. It can also help you explore ways of intimate stimulation that work with your needs, and not against them. When we find solutions for our intimate wellness, we can positively enjoy our sensual experiences.

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