Call Me, Maybe? Long Distance Relationship Ideas to Stay Close

You know the story: boy meets girl in London while studying early 18th Century poets during his study abroad semester. Girl is an Oxford local who wears combat boots, red lipstick and can drink an entire pint in 3 seconds. They fall in love like something out of a Jane Austen book and eventually, tragically, boy moves back home to the United States… or any other country that isn’t England. Point is, they are away from each other, and they actually want to pursue this long distance relationship.

Fast forward a year or two (Yes! They are still together which makes their friends cheer “Love is real!”) But, that sexual spark they once had is dwindling. There’s only so many racy pictures that can be swapped and fantasies typed out in the dark under sheets in a shared Google doc. One more year to go and our hero will be moving back to Oxford to finally be with his lady lass.

How do you keep the spark alive while apart?

Can they do it? Will they do it? We will never know. But one thing I can tell you is while the boy is finishing up his studies in the red, white and blue, there are some fun, naughty and fulfilling strategies he (or you) can share with his far away love.

Here are 5 products that you can use in order to hold on until you can finally hold on to each other.

Don’t forget your make-up

This cute clutch carries more than lipstick. Bridge your long distance relationship with the Classique vibratorLet’s say the lady in our story (or you) is out and about at a local pub with friends and she gets a call from her far away beau. Why not have an impromptu sexy moment that can take place with just a little bit of discretion whether in the parking lot, car, or even the bathroom? Grab your clutch and only you will know that inside is hiding a pocket sized vibrator. Imagine the thrill you’ll have, boldly carrying your disguised vibrator bag to the loo in front of everyone. Hop on the phone, cut down on overseas phone bills, and get down. Cheers to that! Perhaps your long distance partner can purchase a coordinating handbag as a gift? Just a suggestion.

Put your heart into it

Keep your long distance relationship close to your heart with this heart vibratorThis heart-shaped vibrator can be used only when you’re thinking about the one that’s closest to your heart: Sure, you have your arsenal of vibrators in the nightstand. But, do you have one that you use only  for special occasions? No? Oh, well, the time is now to save something special for that beloved person. By keeping one toy that is off limits that you can only use when you’re mutually masturbating together while on the phone or on the computer, you create another tie to the person you can’t physically be with at the moment. Choose this vibrator that is uniquely designed, gentle, and definitely doesn’t make your partner feel inadequate. But, can I compare thee to a summer’s day? Oh, yes. Yes, you can.

Bath bombs away

This luxurious bath bomb lets you soak while you skype in the tub: This CBD-infused bath bomb will relax and restore your long distance relationshipWater has this amazing ability to just take all your worries away. Soaking in a bath can also be an extremely sensual experience. Take bathtime to another level with your long distance relationship by bringing him or her into the bath with you. Well, kind of. Some smartphones are water-resistant so getting them wet isn’t as much of a big deal as it once was. Safely prop that device up on the edge of your tub, use your Facetime, Skype or any video app of your choice and begin making your own waves. This 50mg CBD-infused bath bomb will rejuvenate your muscles and skin, while you replenish your sexual battery.

In the app of luxury

Share experiences with your long distance relationship with the We-Vibe SyncThere IS a way to share sensation and pleasure from a distance with the app-friendly We-Vibe Sync. Use the We-Connect app on this hands-free, wearable vibrator (she inserts it for internal and external stimulation). The beauty of this app is that is actually allows you to make a video call while your long distance relationship partner controls the intensity and pattern of your toy’s vibration. You’ll have to bridge the time distance and go for an early morning or midday session but it’s all worth it if you can literally connect over the miles, right?

Rub a dub

A silky smooth, relaxing massage oil for long nights that turn to intimacy.Stimulating sensation for your long distance relationship Then, if you’re in the mood for a mutual masturbation sesh with your far-away partner, try something more…stimulating.  Get two bottles of this stimulating lubricant and ship that second one to your partner right away. You’ll both sense the warmth from all-natural menthol and all-organic ingredients. With this lube, you’ll both be on the same exact level. And that is what intimacy is all about.