We Vibe Sync Review

Sleek, Innovative, and powerful- The size of the We-Vibe Sync doesn’t compare to the massive amount of satisfaction it has to offer.

We-Vibe Sync flexible arm
The We-Vibe Sync has “joints” in between the arms so you may comfortably shape it to fit you

It was very appealing to me that the We-Vibe Sync has an external clitoral arm, and an internal G-Spot arm. Both provide vibrations with separate motors for individual fine tuning. It has “joints” in between the arms so you may comfortably shape it to fit you. Much to my surprise, it stays in place despite moving into different positions. Being made from a very soft silicone, the We-Vibe Sync is extremely comfortable to wear, and has light ridges on the G-Spot arm in order to keep it in place.

Hands-free Useful for Some Anorgasmia

What I loved most about the We-Vibe Sync is its unique capability to be utilized during sexual intercourse, hands free. For some of us women that have a harder time reaching climax from intercourse alone, it is a great option to provide a continuous stream of stimulation while not disrupting the experience.

Wireless Remote

With the wireless remote control, its also very useful for self pleasure. You can switch vibrational patters seamlessly, and switch back and forth without having to go through the trouble of pausing to adjust. The G-spot arm was truly a unique feature for me, since it did provide direct internal stimulation- although it is not as strong as the clitoral arm.

What Makes the We-Vibe Sync Truly Unique?

We-Vibe Sync thin arm
We-Vibe Sync includes a thin joint to connect the internal and external sections, making it comfortable to wear

You can control the We-Vibe Sync through an app… meaning you can connect with your partner even if you aren’t together. Downloading the “We-Connect” app, you can pair your Sync and invite your partner to take control of your device. Once they do, they can make their own vibration patterns, controlling the clitoral arm and G-Spot arm separately. The app provides the option to message each other or video call, which puts a spin on long distance connection. To make things even wilder? You can program your We-Vibe Sync to work to the beat of music.. a true wonder.

My partner and I fully enjoyed connecting through the app, and I’m happy to say that it strengthened our bond even though we couldn’t be with each other in person. I felt that the Sync was a very empowering experience, no matter how I decided to utilize it. Although it can be very powerful, I highly recommend it for anybody in any stage of their sexual journey. From beginners, advanced, to those experiencing any types of sexual dysfunction, the We Vibe Sync could very well be a new staple in your sexual wellness and relationships.

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