Get Cozy and Naked: Bath Bombs & Bubbles

Cold weather, holiday times, and the rush of daily life: it is no wonder that during a cozy Sunday I crave nothing more than a warm bath, dimmed lights, and a good book to enjoy! With MedAmour’s massive selection on relaxation products including bubbles and bath bombs. It can be easy to find something to spice up your warm bath, unwinding in your experience.

Bella CBD Bath Bomb

Bella CBD Bath Bomb at MedAmourTo get that extra kick of relaxation, I was beyond excited to try Bella’s unscented CBD Bath Bomb, given I have already had an amazing experience with their water based lubricant. CBD can be absorbed through the skin, so why not bathe in it? Pure genius! Not being a fan of overwhelming scents or bright colors in my bath, the unscented version appealed to me. Once released into the warm water, it fizzled out calmly and evenly without any sinking to the bottom of the tub. When relaxing into the tub, it only took about 10 minutes before I felt all my muscles loosen up, any tension leaving my body–quick absorption indeed! A perfect quick fix after a long day.

Sliquid Splash Intimate Cleanser

Sliquid Splash Intimate Wash on MedAmourAlthough I haven’t used this as an intimate cleanser, I was excited to read that I could use Sliquid’s Intimate Cleanser for a bubble bath. I am a huge fan of all their products as well. I had the Honeydew Cucumber scent, which was very lightly scented and felt perfect for the occasion. It’s light and fruity! I poured an ample amount while the water was running, resulting in a light and fluffy amount of bubbles. Reminiscing in my childhood memories, the only thing that could have made this experience better was a rubber ducky! They also now offer what sounds like a luscious bath soak in Cherry and Limoncello scents.

Do something for you

Once a week, for just an hour, I challenge you to tune out of your daily life and do something kind for yourself, even if it really is just a bath. With a few extra touches, you can make that simple bath a magical one!