Buying the Best Sex Toys: Why You Need to be Careful

You have a lot of options when looking for the best sex toys. But everything is not as it seems! Buying from third-party sources like Amazon or eBay may save you money at first, but ultimately will end up costing you.

There is an Appeal to Buying from a Cheap, Discreet Source

One of the best sex toys: the Hitachi Magic Wand
One of the best sex toys on the market: the Hitachi Magic Wand is often counterfeited.

I get it, I’ve been there. You’re interested in potentially buying the best sex toys you’ve been longing for. You’ve heard about the “Magic Wand”: the Mecca product of pleasure, the guarantee to your troubles in reaching orgasm, or adding some spice to your sex life. You do a quick Google search for it. The authentic, Hitachi Magic Wand (rechargeable) totals out at $125. If you aren’t well versed in ma… why pay $125.00 when you could pay $20.00-$50.00 for what “looks” like the same product on Amazon or eBay? You think you dig deeper by looking at the reviews–which all look surprisingly positive, and you decide to purchase the product. When you receive the product, it is poorly wrapped, doesn’t have an instruction manual, and doesn’t disclose the name of the brand or company it came from. But, you go on to use it anyway. Midway through your use, the wand dies, sparks at the plug, or even causes irritation to your genitals: What is wrong with this picture?

Although you thought your purchase of one of the best sex toys was reliable through Amazon or eBay, you’ve come to the extremely disheartening realization that it wasn’t all you were hoping for.

As a self-proclaimed financial conservative and college student, I couldn’t find a good reason to invest $125.00 on a massager such as the Hitachi Wand. It wasn’t until I came to that fateful day where my Amazon-bought “wand” had as much power as a text message buzz and the material quality of a dollar-store barbie.

Whats even worse, I just put $50.00 down the drain and there was nothing I could do about it! The product ended up being a replica of the original. There was no info in regards to the brand name, warranty, or being able to report a malfunction. Even more dangerous? I left the (cleaned) toy in my closet for over a year, and the plastics it was made of faded into completely different colors.

The Problems

Counterfeited Products Are All Too Common

We see this with many products that we buy on Amazon or eBay. The products are incredibly cheap and alluring since we may see them on the “best seller” list. Bright colors and enticing words are shown to make them seem legit. We are well aware that almost any product can be copied, and sold for ridiculously low prices. This harms businesses that are outputting high-quality, user-friendly, body-safe, and reliable products. One of the most commonly-counterfeited toys is the Hitachi Wand. The problem has evolved so badly that the Hitachi Wand’s website has a page dedicated to being able to identify the real wand from the fake one. Trust me ladies, if there weren’t signs on the pictures, I would barely be able to tell the difference. This is concerning because clearly you aren’t getting the authentic product. It’s so clear the fake is made of poor materials and a very small motor–where is the fun in that? Not only have you thrown money down the drain, but there are more scary things to come with this.

Your “Warranty” Doesn’t Qualify

One of the best sex toys: the LELO Liv 2 in Cerise
Authentic toys like the LELO Liv 2 include a 1-year warranty

High-quality companies such as LELO come with a warranty card to register your toy. They include this to insure that it will be replaced should it malfunction due to a manufacturing error. The problem with purchasing these “brand name” products from a third-party seller is that the “included warranty” may actually not qualify because it has been sold on these platforms. Keep in mind: many brands work hard to not have their products on Amazon/eBay. Third-party sellers are doing this without permission and there is a very complicated gray area regarding this. You are buying at your own risk, and usually the actual brand cannot protect you from mishaps such as malfunctioning or fraudulent products.

At Risk for Dangerous Materials

When you buy low-quality, and all around “questionable” products from “unverified” sources, you are putting yourself at exposure to dangerous chemicals and materials. All too common are phthalates. Phthalates are chemicals used to make plastic softer and bendable: extremely common in cheap dildos and vibrators! Other areas of concerns are metals, which some claim to be “stainless steel” but, you’ll see the toy start to erode. If the toy can erode or perish in any way, it should not be around or inside of you. Many low-quality toys are also porous. Bacteria can get trapped in these toys, making them nearly impossible to sterilize. If you are buying a toy, always make sure to check what it is made out of and where it was sourced. Reputable brands will always have this available to you.

Risk of Receiving Used Products

This topic has been of high debate, and it could definitely be a possibility. Return policies aren’t regulated on third-party sellers like Amazon or eBay. Most sexual wellness companies do not have an option to return used products (they may have warranty programs). If they do, there is a very strict protocol for it. There has been concern about third-party sellers re-selling used toys. Some accounts on Amazon have reported receiving their toy “opened”.

Quality: Are These the Best Sex Toys?

Although there is a chance you are getting the actual product on Amazon/eBay, the odds aren’t high. If the toy is incredibly cheap or a counterfeit, it is almost a guarantee that you will run into issues using it. The motors on vibrators could be weak, the structure can be flimsy, or it can be difficult to clean. We don’t have time for that around our genitals! Only the best sex toys will do! We want an incredible, mind-blowing experience. We want that product that will change our life, and that’s not gonna happen with a fake toy from a cheap website!

Reviews Don’t Guarantee Authenticity

Admit it. You see a product on Amazon and you instantly scroll down to the “reviews” section to make your final choice. Will it make the cut? How about if you knew that many of the reviews put on there (especially on eBay) are actually fake? Amazon does a pretty good job of verifying account holders who opt to do reviews. This has been a true luxury to us all. If you Check out eBay, it is very clear that some accounts hire “bots” and have the same repetitive reviews, sometimes posted ten times in a row to make the product look appealing. My rule of thumb is to explore the brands website. Or, if shopping from a retailer, make sure you can trace all carried products to their original brand or maker. Even better? Read reviews from sex bloggers and sex educators. We do our best to provide transparency in order to benefit you!

Save yourself the money, trouble, and lack of orgasms by purchasing high quality products from trusted sources. You can still get the best sex toys for very attractive prices. You owe it to yourself to make sure that the product is safe, durable, and something that caters to your needs! If you’re on a budget and are thinking about purchasing a toy, I highly recommend MedAmour’s selection of vibrators under $50.00, which definitely tickles most of my needs!