First-time buyers: an Intimate Massager guide

Are you ready to take the plunge? Maybe your doctor recommended an intimate massager to help you with a condition, a friend mentioned a product she likes or you’ve been considering it for quite a while now. Just where do you start? There is a sea of options out there all likely telling you that their device is the best one on the market. But, how can you know what’s best for YOU—your body, your needs, your lifestyle and your comfort level? Fortunately, MedAmour has a great balance of knowledge about products and conditions to help walk you through making your own decision. In this case, personal choice is paramount since every woman’s body responds differently to stimulation.

Intimate massagers, or vibrators, have come a long way from what most people think. Many are now designed with female anatomy AND taste in mind (and those are the only kind that MedAmour has chosen to carry). Products are now designed so elegantly that there’s no reason to feel embarrassed to have one by your bedside. Think of them as another stylish extension of yourself.

Understanding the features a device provides is important when making a selection.  Use this guide to understand some of the “basics of vibrators.”

Ask the following questions when purchasing an intimate massager or vibrator

Will the vibrator be used for external clitoral stimulation or for penetration?

  • Most vibrators can be used for “clitoral stimulation” (around 75% of women only ever orgasm from clitoral stimulation). Consider choosing something with a full range of vibration so that different levels of intensity and various patterns can be experimented with.
  • Around 25% of women are able to orgasm from penetration, although this could be due to the clitoris being stimulated indirectly during penetration in certain positions. If this is a first vibrator, choose a vibrator with average girth and little or no texture.
  • A duo-style vibrator will stimulate both internally and externally

What type of vibration do you desire?  

If one is having trouble having an orgasm or does not have one frequently, something with significant power might be most helpful. A vibrator with a good continuous range that goes from very low to very high can help discover the best level. Every woman is different, and sensitivity may also change over time. Strong motors are also great for helping women push past where they normally might stop themselves. Some devices with very strong motors include the iconic Magic Wand, Jimmyjane’s dual-motor devices (Forms 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) and the Fun Factory Flora or Pearly.

What size and texture do you feel most comfortable with?

Vibrators are made of a variety of materials.  The products MedAmour offers are all made with quality body-safe materials that are phthalates-free. Phthalates are a group of chemicals added to hard plastics to soften the material and make it more flexible. They are commonly found in lower-quality vibrators. Some studies have shown phthalates to potentially cause health risks and, unfortunately, there is not enough data to show exactly how harmful they can be. To be on the safe side, all of the products we carry do NOT include them.

 Hard Plastic (ABS), Lucite and Acrylic

  • Non-porous, hard, shiny and transmits vibration very well
  • Usually safe for people concerned with sensitivity issues
  • Clean with your favorite device cleaner
  • Safe with any lubricant
  • Examples include: Breeze 3-speed, Iconic Bullet, LELO Mia 2, We-Vibe Tango

100% Silicone

  • Made from the highest medical-grade polymers
  • Pliable, durable material that does not contain phthalates
  • Non-porous and hypoallergenic.
  • Retains heat for a more realistic feeling
  • Clean with your favorite toy cleaner; can be sterilized
  • Water-based lubricants only
  • A vibrator only has to be 10% silicone to say silicone on the label; be sure it is 100% silicone
  • Examples include: Eva, Form 3, Fun Factory Pearly, Je Joue Uma, LELO Liv 2

Intimate massager styles to choose from:

Vibrating Bullet (or “Egg”)

Rabbit (or “Duo-Style”)

  • Popular style for people who like penetration, clitoral stimulation and sensation in the first one-third to one-half of the vagina
  • Some recommendations include: Je Joue FiFi, LELO Ina 2, Afterglow

G-Spot Stimulating Vibrator

Electric & Rechargeable Wands

Why should you spend more money on a “high quality” intimate massager?

Higher quality vibrators have:

  • Better performing and quieter motors
  • More features
  • The safest and best quality materials for your body
  • The lowest defective rates
  • Often carry an exceptional warranty, or stand behind their product
  • Better technology
  • Award-winning design
  • Are often rechargeable

Lube saves lives! Or, at least it can save your sex life.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of lubricant! Enduring menopause and post-pregnancy wreaks havoc on your hormones and affects the amount of natural lubricant you produce. Lube can help! Other conditions, including Vaginismus, Clitoral Atrophy, Decreased Libido and Cancer Care can also benefit from the soothing and slippery assistance lubricant supplies. In addition, vibrators and other devices can absorb a lot of natural moisture. Choose a good water-based lube like Coconu Water-Based, Intimate Organics Hydra, or Sliquid H2O. These lubricants work with any type of vibrator material.

Don’t forget these valuable items!

  • Cleaners
    • It is important to keep vibrators clean, dust and bacteria-free. Clean them with a vibrator cleaner or mild soap before and after each use
    • Consider a safe and secure storage container like the Moi Box when not in use.
  • Batteries
    • There is nothing worse than running out of batteries! Fresh and high-quality batteries make a big difference in a vibrator’s performance. If purchasing a battery operated vibrator, please be sure to have plenty of batteries on hand.
  • Charger
    • When using a rechargeable device, try keeping it plugged in next to the bed. Whenever not in use, plug in the device or set it on the charger to be ready anytime!

On a side note, ALWAYS make sure that you clean your vibrator BEFORE the first time you use it. You want to be sure it is free of any dust or residue left from manufacturing and packing.