Unexpected Ways Men Can Keep Their Sex Drive High

Ways Men Can Increase Their Sex Drive, naturally

Guys, sometimes, you just make the romantic partners in your life crazy. Between putting off visits to the doctor for any type of checkup to constant night-time snoring or leaving boxer briefs on the floor (right in front of the hamper, mind you), annoying behaviors like this can make a romantic partner want to hang up the sexy lingerie.

But at the end of the day, we only want our men to be healthy, happy and of course, satisfied. So, when the time is right for getting busy in the sheets (or kitchen floor) and your sex drive doesn’t work out the way it’s supposed to, take a moment or two to reflect on your lifestyle. 

Sidenote: Guys, whatever you do, don’t get down on yourself. There are many ways that don’t involve an erection that can turn “oh no”, into “OH YES!”  

Reflect on your stress

Ah, stress. Something everyone feels every day, sometimes all day. Did you know there is a good type of stress, called eustress? This is the stress that gives you the feeling of enjoyment or fulfillment. Even though it’s “good” for you, it is still considered a type of stress that creates all kinds of hormonal surges, as well as natural chemicals surging through your body. 

So, even if you’re not necessarily having distress (bad stress) in your day-to-day, you can still experience negative side effects in your sex life. Start a new job with an increased salary with more accountability? Eustress. Met a new partner who you are really into? Yup, eustress. 

Now, that latter one–meeting a new partner who you are super excited about can REALLY put a damper on things when you decide to become intimate. So, what can you do to make sure things will go the way you planned? What can you do even if you’ve been in distress and still want to keep up with your healthy sex life? 

You know you can’t avoid it because let’s face it, just being alive is stressful in itself. But there are things you can do to alleviate the negative effects of both eustress and distress. Because once you get that stress under control, the better your chances are that you’ll be able to make better decisions, stay healthy and not have to worry about experiencing erectile dysfunction

Quick ways to manage stress

  • Exercise
  • Remember to take deep breaths during the day
  • Check out meditation (and then DO it)
  • Get a massage
  • Start the day with yoga and end the day with a hot shower

What’s up with your daily diet?

How a poor diet can affect a man's sex drive

It can be almost impossible to keep your daily diet completely perfect following all CDC standards and getting the correct amount of hydration and daily nutrients. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t, or shouldn’t, try. 

If you’ve been so busy that your life revolves only around restaurants that have a drive-thru to keep you going, chances are you should change things up for something healthy. Fast food can be delicious and convenient, but it’s typically filled with sugar, salt, and fat. These can lead to hypertension and obesity. Both of which can affect your sex drive. So, next time you don’t want to reach for fresh fruit or vegetables, think about getting busy.

An apple a day can keep a dry spell away. Or at the very least, help keep you ready for action when you’re ready to turn the Marvin Gaye up on full blast. Just remember, fruits and veggies make impeccable wingmen.

Got meds?

Some medications can adversely affect a man's sex drive

Ok, be honest, what kind of meds have you been taking? Ironically, modern-day life can be overly stressful, trigger confusing emotions, and sometimes just temper the ability to deal with life. As a result, getting help in the form of anti-anxiety or anti-depressants is super common. Although they can make you find peace the way you were meant to, they can also affect your sex drive, keeping you from getting, and staying hard. Some medications can even keep a libido completely at bay.

So what can a guy do? The good news is that physicians are very aware of all types of side effects medications can cause. And there is a wide variety of types of medications that were created to help things like depression and anxiety. If one type causes ED, there is a chance you can try another type that does not. Just remember to speak openly with your physician about all side effects. 

So, to recap: Minimize your stress, eat right, and talk to your doctor. That’s not a lot to do in order to keep ED at bay, right? It’s probably easier than keeping your partner happy by picking up your dirty clothes.