Keeping It Romantic: Romance Awareness Month!

If you have been in a relationship for any length of time, inevitably, that exciting “honeymoon period” will eventually disappear. We often forget to “flirt” with our partner to keep that spark going during our daily lives, and 2020 has thrown a lot at us, making it even easier to overlook the romance.

Thankfully, we get to celebrate Romance Awareness Month in August, making it a great time to remind us that romance is an important part of keeping our relationships healthy. Take this month to celebrate the love you have for your partner.

Plan A Trip

My partner and I love road trips to nowhere. We create a playlist of our favorite songs, hop in the car and just drive. It gives us privacy to discuss anything, uninterrupted time together without screens, and it gives a chance to just focus on each other. We always return relaxed and a little closer to each other than when we left.

Play A Game

Games can be an amazing way to build and nurture your relationship. I have a saying “the game made me do it”. A game like Truth or Dare can offer couples “permission” to explore something new without coming right out and asking for it. Maybe your partner isn’t ready to try something “new” yet, but using games can open up the lines of communication to discuss new ways to explore intimacy that are exciting
to the both of you.

Sexy Surprises

Never underestimate the power of something simple and unexpected. One of my favorite stories is from a client that decided to wear a pair of the Bijoux Indiscrets Mimi Circles under her clothes to a party. When she and her partner were undressing that night, they noticed the pasties right away and exclaimed “have you been wearing those all night?”. She said they went onto have an amazing evening of love making. Had she known something like this would have generated such a response, she would have tried it years ago!

Something as simple as a wink across the dinner table or a loving touch on your partners shoulder while they are working from home can speak volumes to let them know you care.

Show A Little Love

But romance does not always have to be intercourse, it can be about showing your partner you love and appreciate them. Slip a little Love Notes Coupon under their pillow to create sweet dreams and guaranteed snuggles. Commit to an activity like reading this “book,” in which the pages are sealed envelopes for secret interactive activities! 101 Nights of Great Sex is a unique gift and activity that offer challenges for “your eyes only,” “for your partner’s eyes only” or “for both of you.”

Love Poems

Start a love poem with a set of Magnetic Poetry Love Magnets that you can each build upon when the mood strikes. It is a fun way to spell out sweet nothings on the fridge, and the bonus here is that you are creating a message of love together. If you have kids, while they may think its corny, it lets them see the love you have for each other, which can trickle into their future relationships!

It’s the Small Things

Being romantic does not come easy for some. But the fact is, romance does not have to be about over the top gestures or expensive gifts. Some love languages are quality time, touch and affection, and as humans, we long to be loved. Maybe the mood calls for playful bath time with numerous waterproof toys, or a sensual massage with essential oils or CBD.

Romance is about showing your partner you love and appreciate them in a way that works for you both and is important part of a healthy relationship.

Meet the Author: “The Oracle”!

A regular gal loving what she does! My co-workers have dubbed me the “Oracle” because I have so much information packed into my memory thanks to 17+ years in the sexual health and wellness field as a product buyer. My experience in reviewing products has exceeded over 20,000 skus, and still counting.

I live on the Oregon Coast with my husband of 4 years that I met in a bar at the Denver Airport over 24 years ago. After a 10-year separation, we found our way back to each other and never looked back!

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