Innovations for Men With ED

Men with ED (Erectile Dysfunction) now have innovative products they can look to for pleasure and stimulation. The revolutionary products from UK company, Hot Octopuss, now make it possible for stimulation whether flaccid or erect. What’s more, their products can be used with or without a partner, bringing couples even closer.

Pulse III Solo & Duo: a revolutionary product for men with ED

The cornerstone product in their line, the Pulse III Solo and Pulse III Duo (with a remote) were made with ED in mind. Pulse III was inspired by the PVS method, previously-used to stimulate men suffering from severe ED. Whether a man is flaccid or erect, this method can bring men to climax.

Adam Lewis, founder and creator of the PULSE III SOLO, realized that the PVS technology could have benefits outside the medical realm: it could be used to create a sex toy that gives pleasure even to those who have trouble staying erect.

Hot Octopuss Pulse III vibrator for men with ED
Pulse III Solo

Pulse III uses an oscillating motor that stimulates the frenulum. Unlike other masturbation sleeves, Pulse III has flexible yet firm flaps that surround the penis. This allows men to use the device without needing to be erect. It is not intended as a stroker but rather a device that can stay in place. Since its inception, this “guybrator” has skyrocketed to success with popularity among men of all ages and abilities. It can be also be used with a partner, providing her vibration on the outside of the toy.

Pulse III is also fully waterproof, rechargeable and made of body-safe silicone and ABS plastic. The Pulse III Duo also includes a remote control, which can be controlled while alone or with a partner.

Pocket Pulse & Pocket Pulse Plus: the “pocket” version of the original

Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse Remote for men with ED

We always want things either smaller or bigger. Enter, the Pocket Pulse! Dubbed as a “lightweight stroker,” use the Pocket Pulse similarly to the Pulse III. Using the same oscillating motors and power of the Pulse III, it’s smaller size allows the Pocket Pulse to also be used as a stroker. One arm wraps around the penis, keeping it in place but not too tight. It is ergonomically designed to be held while stroking (with water-based lubricant, of course). Men with ed can also utilize the Pocket Pulse by using it in a stationary position. The Pocket Pulse Plus has the addition of a remote control and an additional motor, making it just as powerful as the original.

Atom & Atom Plus: the erection ring, remade

Already pioneering the way in male pleasure, Hot Octopuss also offers innovation in erection rings. Designed for slightly different purposes, the Atom and Atom Plus utilize the same, high-quality vibration and construction as its predecessors.

Atom and Atom Plus both feature an ergonomically shaped contact area for the partner’s stimulation, and a stretchy ring to create exceptionally strong erections and an intense climax.

The Atom and Atom Plus Erection Ring for men with EDAtom is designed to be worn around the base of the penis and is stretchy enough to be worn my most sizes. Wear the Atom alone or during partner sex to provide her stimulation as well. Worn around the base of the penis and testicles, Atom Plus also provides stimulation to the perineum. Stimulating this area with vibration and pressure can often cause greater pleasure and more intense orgasms in men.

Pair either Atom ring with either the Pulse III or Pocket Pulse series for incredible solo play. These toys in combination provide multiple stimulation points at the base of the penis, along the shaft, at the frenulum and the perineum!