Meet Toto: Botanical Wellness

MedAmour welcomes Toto by Toca, an MCT oil based, botanically infused, full spectrum CBD vaginal/vulva lubricant. Carrying a clinically effective dose of CBD alongside healing botanics and crystals, a new wave of healing is born.

CBD has revolutionized the way we view intimate health and healing. Applying CBD based lubes like Toto to the mucous membranes and tissues of the vagina is monumental. Not only is there a reduction in inflammation of the tissues, but a surge of healthy blood flow. This alone increases sensation, sexual response, and comfort that many seek. When struggling with sexual discomfort, these types of solutions can be life-saving vs. novelty.

As Toca’s team stressed, sexual discomfort needs a clinically effective dose of CBD in order to gain healing results. Each bottle carries 200+ mg of Full Spectrum CBD, as compared to other brands which range in the 25mg-50mg arena.

With the word Toca meaning “touch” in Spanish, we are all hands!

Toca’s Mission

“We are plant lovers, sex lovers, and ultimately passionate about enthusiastic consent, authentic desire, and all the tools that make us more connective, fulfilled, and generous- to ourselves, our environment and each other. Our team is made up of experienced clinical herbalists, farmers, medicine makers, nutritionists, sex educators, formulators, and teachers. We believe that plant medicine acts in subtle and complex ways that provide meaningful shifts in the body so that you may facilitate your own healing and well being.

We create organic plant extracts from high quality ingredients, using infused oils, essential oils, flower essences, stone essences, saltwater and wind. We trust the elements, the plants, and the ecologies that we live in and are designed for. We create high potency, low dose products that are formulated to create a lasting and penetrating effect on the body.

We have a social, economic and environmental ethos in our company. This drives and directs how our products are conceived, formulated, manufactured and marketed. We believe in harm reduction in our communities, in low impact, low carbon footprint manufacturing, sustainable agriculture, and ethical branding.”

Meet Toca’s Anne & Mauricio

Anne Louise Burdett: CEO | Formulator 

Anne Louise Burdett is a farmer of medicinal flowers, and herbs. She is a trained herbalist with an expansive apothecary and clinical practice. She specializes in sexual and reproductive health, trauma, chronic illness and emergency medical care. She is a certified sex educator, a dancer, and a teacher. Anne Louise writes curriculum for sexual health and sexuality projects, is a performer and is wildly in love with herbal formulation. She has been working with plants in one way or another for the past 20+ years and believes wholeheartedly in being true to oneself, acting from desire, and in individual wellness being essentially and always tied to collective wellness.

Mauricio Abascal: COO | Marketing

Mauricio Abascal creates luminescent photographs and video, cooks magnificent and nourishing food and makes dance music. He is a believer in listening to the quieter voices and taking the time to create the necessary space for them. He is a certified nutritionist, mushroom enthusiast, birdwatcher and improvisational dancer and does not believe in binaries. Mauricio teaches young people, is a designer and botanist, and moves through the world like the trees in the wind. He has been working with plants, and food as medicine for many years and is deeply committed to these relationships.

Is Toto Right for You?

Toto is right for everyone! Toca’s plant based products not only aid in intimate wellness, but can be used for for anything. This smooth blend lubricant can be healing for dry skin, irritations, and yes, even good for you hair.

We would highly recommend this product for those who are suffering from sexual discomfort. Conditions like endometriosis, PCOS, Vaginismus, Menopause, etc can cause tissues to be tight, rigid, painful, and dry. The anti-inflammatory properties of Toto help soften and soothe irritated tissue, protect from injury, and increase sensation. You may find that your quality of sexual response is stronger, feeling increased sensation and natural lubrication.

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