The LunchTime Quickie – Stress Relief During Quarantine

Ok, tell the truth… we have all thought about it.  Maybe you’re working from home, a little stressed about the future, frustrated with work, and in need of a mental break.  You step away from your computer, grab a snack, maybe a cup of coffee, sit down on the couch to browse social media.  As you start browsing, you jump over to google to search “stuffy nose covid symptoms.” Look up at the incognito search function and think to yourself… should I? 

Or, your spouse or partner texts from upstairs “quickie?”  What do you do? 

It may seem like sex or a quick masturbation session in the middle of the day is a bit taboo and maybe even wrong.  The distraction of sexual gratification may take too long, make you less productive. I’m here to tell you it isn’t wrong and if anything, it will make you more productive, so GO FOR IT!  

There are some clear benefits to having a quicky, instead of that 4th cup of coffee.  Masturbation, physical intimacy, and sex are scientifically proven to release endorphins (natural pain-reliever) and raise ocytocin (the love hormone). These hormones can improve your mood, alleviate stress, boost energy, and even boost your immunity!  AND, depending on how long or tense you go at it, it can burn a few extra calories, too!

The act of coitus can make you feel revitalized, happy and focused. Ready to take on the rest of the day, with a smile on your face!

Still not convinced?

The average time to make a cup of drip coffee is 5 mins. One TikTok video is 60 seconds, and a Netflix series episode is anywhere between 30-60 mins.  The average masturbation session takes about 4 mins, and the average amount of time to have sex is anywhere between 10-30 mins. So, in reality, sexual gratification really doesn’t take much longer than the things you’re already doing.

Need more convincing?

We are in the middle of a pandemic! In these uncertain times of social disconnection, we all need a little extra love. Many of us are stuck at home, missing out of the daily social affirmations we always took for granted. The quick hello in passing, or the 15 min conversation with the person in the cube next to you.  This has a profound impact on our self-esteem and self-worth.  Without the little daily affirmations, we begin to second guess our existence and start to wonder if people like you.   The stress of the “New Normal,” has also likely allowed physical intimacy in your relationship go by the wayside.  Taking the time to share an intimate moment with your partner will strengthen your emotional bond, feel affirmed, loved by one another, boost self-esteem, and help get you through the rest of the day! 

So in short, GO FOR IT! Sexual exploration at any time of the day is healthy and normal!  Just make sure to log out of work and leave your work laptop in the other room… just in case. 

Alex Koupal is a Life Coach that focuses on women’s overall health and wellness. She specializes in non-traditional connection techniques, such as virtual or active engagement coaching, which allows her and her clients to connect faster, meet goals sooner and get more accomplished in fewer sessions.  Her holistic approach to life editing focuses on stress reduction, which has a positive impact on emotional, mental, and physical health. Her own personal journey through infertility, illness and hormone imbalance, inspired her to step away from the corporate world and shift her focus to empowering other women to live an Alimental Life.

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