Noah Reviews: Bella Olio D’Amore CBD Infused Silicone Personal Lubricant

Thanks to the all-natural and premium CBD ingredients, the feelings derived from using this lube went above and beyond mine and my partner’s expectations. Having used the lubrication in both a partnered and solo setting, I can attest to just how incredible the product will make you and your partner feel. Never in my years of being sexually active have I experienced such a natural feeling that has left me and my partner speechless.

What I’ve learned about CBD in doing some research is how great it is at promoting blood flow to the skin and throughout the body. This key ingredient truly helps enhance arousal for both parties involved. Bella Olio D’amore has found the perfect balance in their product in delivering you a one of a kind CBD experience. 

Healthy blood circulation is the foundation for giving anyone an out of this world orgasm experience, and that foundation can be built using Bella Olio d’Amore. It promotes oxygen delivery and nutrient supply to our most vital organs and especially our genitalia.

My mind was blown away at the high quality and very natural feeling that this product delivered.  I’ve had many a trial and error moments with various lubrications, but this one is my new #1 favorite.  Before, lubes would either dry up too quickly causing me to use more and more over time. This would make my skin irritated from the harsh chemicals used and my bank account unhappy with how much I would have to keep buying. Even worse, it’d take much too long to get off my skin once I was done, leaving me feeling slimy and sticky for hours after.

Made in the USA Bella CBD lubricant
Bella CBD lubricant

This particular lube did the exact opposite. I only applied it once and afterward my skin actually felt moisturized and naturally hydrated, with no irritation or redness. Because of how naturally it absorbed into my skin, there was no concern for getting any on my bed, nightstand, phone, laptop, you name it.  The normal slime trail that all other lubes tend to leave behind doesn’t exist with this product and it’s simply amazing.

If you’re looking to enhance your sexual experiences to the next level for either yourself or both of you, I highly recommend this product.

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