Rekindling Sensual Intimacy in Quarantine

Sensual Intimacy

In a time of quarantine, we are spending a surplus of time at home: if we are lucky, we get to spend it with someone! If you are hunkering down with your partner, now is the perfect time to work on your sensual intimacy together. It can be very easy to fall into routine and do the same old same old, or even become a bit of a couch potato during this time!

Use this time together to expand, enjoy each other, and rekindle some flame in the simple things together.

While intimacy isn’t always sexual, sex and connection do matter. Sensual Intimacy is a multi-component feeling, and can mean different things to different people. There are many ways to be intimate together outside of the bedroom, or doing activities that can add sensuality and romance back to your intimacy. We like to keep it sensual and orgasmically fulfilling, so we are giving you the resources to do so!

Respect each other’s space

We did just tell you to build intimacy together, but did you know too much time together can actually hinder that connection? Being glued to our partners can sometimes cause annoyance and bickering- which is normal! As humans we need some personal space, even if we are stuck together. Consider doing some things alone like working, watching a movie alone, or taking time to read a book outside. Even consider making time to self-pleasure with a pleasure product for some ultimate self care– your intimacy will thank you!

Cook a Meal Together

Been sitting on the couching and watching some food channel together? Get up, and cook that divine meal together! Intimacy has a lot to do with the way you work as a team, and nothing like cooking a meal can bring you together to create something you will both enjoy. If you’ve been eyeing making something fancy or simply just want to bake some cookies together, spend that quality time to do so. If you both decide to do this activity wearing nothing but an apron, by all means… enjoy!

Read a Sensual Book Together

Enjoying a sensual book together can help you learn more about each others needs, communicate, and light a spark into new adventures. Books like Tell Me What You Want: The Science of Sexual Desire and Loving Sex: The Book of Joy and Passion have been couples favorites in delving into each others desires. After dinner, perhaps sit down on your favorite couch together with a glass of wine, and read out loud to each other. Have a discussion about the things you are reading, and how they may resonate with you as a couple.

Bath and Shower Together

It’s the simple things we enjoy, so why not do these two together? Sharing time in the shower or bath, even if not sexually engaged, brings closeness and intimacy through vulnerability. Care for each other, or make the effort to set the scene if you would like to make it an extra intimate event. If in the shower, lather each other up, talk, laugh, or pleasure each other. If you’re taking a bath, consider getting some candles (a massage candle would be very fun), using a CBD bath bomb, and even using some waterproof pleasure products like the We-Vibe Touch to transform your idea of bath time. It’s much more fun together, right?

Game Night

Think normal games, but make it sexier. Sensual games help put the fun and wonder back in sexual intimacy- the anticipation, the excitement, and actions are all splendid in creating a night of romance. There are a variety of games that can range from sex positions, acts, or even involve humor: it depends on what you are looking for! I would strongly suggest the You & Me Game which includes 90 bedroom challenges to bring you and your partner closer. The Strip or Tease game is also as exciting , “With a booklet to show him and her the art of Stripping and Teasing, how to set the scene, the right music, clothing, and lighting”.

Building sensual intimacy can be done easily, with the simplest of resources and events! Let us know how you enjoy intimacy at home together.

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