4 Romantic Kits to Try at Home

As we covered in Rekindling Sensual Intimacy in Quarantine, being home together gives us the world of opportunity to enjoy each other’s company. We are all facing a bit of the home blues: boredom maybe? Already watched all of Netflix? Tired of the same routine?

If you have been exploring intimacy and trying to find ways to spice it up, a kit may be in your favor! Often times we aren’t lacking creativity in the bedroom, we are simply missing the tools to make those dreams come to life. If we are going to have all this free time, we might as well have some sensual fun at the very least!

Olivia’s Boudoir Black Bag

Touch is one of our favorite parts of intimacy: we cuddle, we kiss, we like to feel close. Olivia’s Boudoir Black Bag will put the sensuality back in your touch. Each¬†Little Black Bag¬†contains a delightful play powder, sensual feather duster, fragrant massage candle, and a delicious massage oil.

  • Set the mood and have your partner lay down: Think lighting, music, and ambience!
  • Sprinkle them with play powder to, using the massage oil start them off with a lovely massage.
  • Lighting your massage candle, slowly drip the oil over your partners body. Knead and massage with your hands to get its full relaxing effect.
  • Finishing your massage, playfully use the feather to keep your partner’s senses on their toes- what’s next?

Rianne S Kit D’Amour

Rianne S Kit D’Amour is light, yet delicious with its anticipation building tools. Let your partner surprise you with your senses by using the soft, lace mask over the eyes. Play elegantly using the luxurious tickle of a feather and the pleasurable vibrations of a discreet one-speed lipstick vibe. Tucked away in the discreet makeup bag, Your exciting play can stay in the bedroom or taken with you on adventures.

Duo Kit by Dame Products

Netflix & Vibe? For the cozy couple, Dame’s Duo kit will totally fit your “sexy at home” agenda.

“Duo is an all-in-one kit for couples looking to bring some cozy to their toesies. It features Zee, a rechargeable vibrator, Alu lube, an aloe-based lubricant, two condoms, and two pairs of Dame Socks. And it all comes together in a washable storage pouch, for connecting at home or on the go.”

Bella CBD 7pc Rose Travel Essentials Kit

We are proud to carry Bella CBD, supporting female founded business. Topical CBD has benefits for absolutely everything, especially targeting bodily relaxation and sensual stimulation. We handcrafted this Bella CBD 7pc Rose Travel Essentials Kit to take you and your partner through the ultimate date of self care.

  • Start with a bath together: Sprinkle bath salts or put in bath bomb, let dissolve.
  • Enjoy a sugar scrub together- we like to do this while rubbing each other’s shoulders.
  • Post bath, indulge in the massage oil and watch any muscle tension or pressure points melt away.
  • Apply Creme Elegante to any areas that need more nourishing.
  • Heighten your senses with the sensual power of CBD Lubricant, your choice of Water-Based or Silicone-Based.

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