Warm recipes to snuggle by

Sometimes, one of the best ways to connect with a partner is to share a meal. An even better way to connect is to prepare some warm recipes together. Play, have fun and create something delicious together. Plus, when it is chilly out, cooking gives you an excuse to heat up the house with a warm oven and delicious smells. Here are some tasty ideas to start you off.

Warm Spiced Sangria

To initially warm things up, this concoction of red wine and spices is a stimulating start. While a touch of alcohol can help relax and lighten the mood, red wine has been shown to actually help boost a woman’s libido.

Coq Au Vin

You can’t go wrong with a recipe that has you cook everything in one pot! This classic blends wine, chicken, savory vegetables, bacon and a warm oven to heat up your kitchen. One partner can do the prep and the other can do the cooking or you can share responsibilities. If neither of you are very knife-savvy, you can even buy pre-cut carrots, onion and garlic. Coq Au Vin takes just a little effort for a meal that feels luxuriant, filling and cozy.

Pan-fried Smashed Potatoes

To utilize some of the delicious sauce generate from the Coq Au Vin, try this recipe for Pan-fried Smashed Potatoes. Instead of the usual mashed potatoes that can take more time to prepare, this version allows you to roast in the oven before or after the chicken. Crispy, textural and cheesy, these potatoes will have you feeling snuggly in no time.

Double Chocolate Souffle with Warm Fudge Sauce

Our list of warm recipes wouldn’t be complete without a richly decadent dessert. Full of chocolate but not too sugary-sweet, this recipe is elegant and individually-sized to wrap your hands around. When you’ve scraped every morsel from the dish, be sure to wrap your arms around your sweetie.

Baked Brunch Baguette

Never ever forget breakfast, ever. Toasty warm recipes like this are great to wake up to after a chilly night snuggling under the covers. We love how it is an all-in-one meal that’s easy to eat in bed (over a tray, of course…no one likes crumbs in the bed).