EndoMonth: 3 Must Have’s for Comfortable Sex

Endometriosis is no easy condition to have, in fact 2/3 women with Endo will experience painful sex in some capacity! Some ways to improve your quality of sex can be through products that reduce symptoms.


Ohnut is one of our top favorites to recommend for painful penetrative sex. Endometriosis can cause internal inflammation and points of pain due to adhesions or endometrial growths. These stackable, soft rings go on the base of your partner’s penis to achieve a “buffer” for your vaginal canal. Having a active way to control the depth of your partner’s penetration, sex can finally be enjoyable again! Pair with a water or silicone based lubricant to slip on comfortably, and stack if needed!

You can read blogger Julieta Chiara’s review here.


Lubricant is essential to use as it hydrates and protects vaginal tissues that may be dry, irritated, and unable to relax. For help with inflammation, we recommend a CBD based lubricant to help ease irritated vaginal tissues and provide comfort. For general lubrication, a silicone or water based lubricant can provide gentle glide!


Designed for use on vulvas/vaginas (but also great for other parts of the body), this lubricant can increase arousal & pleasure, prolong orgasm, and aid in working through barriers like dryness, inflammation, pain, or tension during sex.

Pjur Med Sensitive Glide Lubricant

Use Pjur Med Sensitive Glide for regular use to ease the discomfort of vaginal dryness or vaginal atrophy due to menopause, pregnancy, medication side effects or other medical treatment that can cause dryness. This gentle, water-based personal lubricant is made of the purest ingredients and dermatologically tested to assure that it is safe for sensitive vaginal tissue.

Designed specifically for sensitive skin, Pjur Med Sensitive Glide is a gentle, water-based personal lubricant that is perfect for anyone who has a reaction to other products. Created to be as neutral as possible, it is glycerin-, paraben- and preservative-free.

Dame Pillo

Position is key! Many times painful sex can happen because we are simply at the wrong angle. Pillo is a soft-yet-firm wedge that supports you in a variety of sex positions, allowing you to find your perfect angle. Its discreet design blends into the bedroom by day and helps you reach new heights at night. Remove its soft, brushed cotton blend outer cover and inner liner for easy washing

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