New to MedAmour, Great Gift Ideas in “Just for Fun”

If you’re looking for some great gift ideas this year, MedAmour has you covered. While our focus is always on sexual health and working to alleviate the most frustrating of issues that affect our intimate lives, it’s also good to have some fun! That’s why we’ve added a new section to our store. You’ll find plenty of ways to wind down and have a laugh while finding some great gift ideas for loved-ones and friends!

Fun, (not raunchy) Sexy Gifts

Maybe your partner isn’t quite ready to be gifted a vibrator or an erection ring (but we have those, too). No problem! There are so many sweet and sexy gift ideas for couples. It could beĀ thoughtful notes, a tasty, organic body butter or even expressing naughty thoughts to each other via fridge magnets (best if your kids can’t read yet).

Let Off Some Steam!

As we’ve said before, sometimes you just need a little something to unwind. Everything in this category will give you a little much-needed venting. We know how stress can zap your libido. It could be just the thing you need to re-center and get back to being the best you in your couple. So, color it out, craft it out or just carry around a pencil that expresses your true feelings.

Take Care of Yourself

Speaking of unwinding…it’s time you gave yourself a break in the way of a bath or a massage. These indulgent items don’t all fit in our sexual health categories (although we’d like to think that a relaxed you is the best you) but they still make your body feel good. Try a pH-balanced bubble bath, a CBD soak or a soothing body lotion made to make you feel smooth and sexy.

Gift It, Gift It Good

ALL of the items in our Just For Fun category make fantastic gifts but these guys really take the cake. We speak from personal experience that you literally can’t go wrong gifting any one of the items in this category. So now we’ve made it super easy for you: pick up that vibrator you’ve been eyeing, that lube you KNOW you need to get and get a great gift for one of your besties. Holiday fun, done.