Play Together with Top MedAmour Recommendations

Couples play together for better relationships

How long have you been in your partnership?

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how long you have been with someone, there is always room for PLAY.

Play together? As adults? You heard correctly. Incorporating play into your sexual relations is exciting, bonding, and new. I have listed a few of my top recommendations that can help you get closer this beautiful fall season.

We-Vibe Sync

Play together with the We-Vibe Sync Couples Vibrator
The We-Vibe Sync makes a great toy to play together, whether you’re in the same room or across the world.

Connecting in the new age of tech has never been easier. The We-Vibe Sync is a hands free vibrator that can be worn on the vulva during sex, or solo play (We’ve even reviewed it!). Using two motors, the internal portion vibrates the G-Spot while the external motor rests on the clitoris. What is so unique about this toy is that you can control it 100% through the We-Vibe Connect App.

Connected to the app, your partner can deliver custom vibrations to the toy. If you are apart, you can FaceTime and play together from afar with unbelievable pleasure. If you are together, you can use it during intercourse or foreplay by building up sensation and experimenting with the settings.

I recommend making it spicy by wearing it out to dinner and letting your partner control it through the app. Why not add a little thrill to your classy dinner?

Je Joue Mio Erection Ring

Je Joue Mio Erection Ring on MedAmour
The Je Joue Mio Erection Ring provides both constriction and vibration for him

Made from incredibly soft 100% silicone, JeJoue Mio is made for both of you.

Erection rings do a great job of promoting blood flow to the penis by promoting a longer-lasting erection, and more sensation. The vibrator on top of the erection ring not only vibrates your partner’s penis but gives you pleasure too.

This is a wonderful ring to wear during front-facing positions for ultimate dual pleasure.

Magic Wand

Play together with the Original Magic Wand Vibrating Wand
The original: Magic Wand corded vibrating wand
Magic Wand Rechargeable has all the power but none of the cord!

Many may not know the Magic Wand can be used by anyone! To add in some fun, start your session by massaging each other’s body with the Magic Wand to undo any tension.

You can then find a comfortable setting and line the penis and perineum with the wand, providing stimulation and arousal.

The same goes for the vulva and clitoris, radiating waves of pleasure for all its users.

We recommend also using it during penetrative intercourse! Gently lay the wand on your partner’s clitoris while penetrating for dual stimulation.

Exsens Massage Oil

What is a little play without touch? We are firm believers that touch leading up to sex is everything.

With an impressive array of options, we love Exsens Massage Oil for their crystal-infused options.

Take time to really massage your partner’s entire body, listening to the feedback they give you. Learning how to explore your partner’s body, and how to give pleasure, is quite satisfying. Combine this with the above Magic Wand, and you have the ultimate massage party!

Month of Sex Game

All games are fun, including the sexy ones! We love throwing in a fun, lighthearted game to help you try out new things together. With this sexy activity calendar, you can look forward to coming home and to play together with your partner.

New is exciting. Anticipation is exciting. Get ready to have fun!