Hot Flash SOS: 3 Ways to Keep Your Lady Parts Cool

Ah, summertime. Many places across the world welcome the change in season and liken it to ocean breezes, lemonade, hillside romps and lakeside picnics. In some places, folks crank up the AC and hide inside. And some ladies who are dealing with hormone fluctuation in especially hot locales fantasize about submerging themselves in ice baths in order to simply survive. But, that’s not truly a sustainable practice and who has time for a bath these days anyway?

So, read on to find out how to survive the heat, enjoy vacations and ride out a hot flash in August with the grace of a prima ballerina. Or at least without saying goodbye to family and friends and moving to Antarctica.

Stay Chill By Letting Stress Go

Running errands all over town? Of course you are, you’re a busy lady. Take a moment and reflect on your emotions as you move through your day. It’s easy for blood pressure to start boiling, especially as temperature rises — your body is reacting to the danger of becoming overheated so your brain quickly moves into survival mode. From the moment you start to breathe heavier, your primal brain senses danger. Long story short: you become stressed. Short story even shorter: you get a hot flash.

Add in the typical stressors of anything from talking to the annoying woman in your office to helping your child navigate junior high, it’s easy to succumb to stress. If you’re peri-menopausal or in menopause, it’s especially important to be tuned in to your emotions. Know when you need a time out and take it.

Don’t be afraid to take a vacation that’s all you. You deserve it, and you more than likely actually need  it. You don’t have to book a trip to the Bahamas in order to get away (however, by all means, do so if you can) so consider local staycations and turn off the cell phone for a day. Yes, you can do it. We’re giving you permission.

Invest in Some Key Items for Your Beach Bag

Take a trip to Target or if you’re more of a keyboard warrior, hop on Amazon. Of course, you could also shop for some products designed for a 911 overheating moment here that will save you from melting down. A minty-cool foot rub sounds good at just about any time. In order to make these items feel even more special to you, why not invest in a large new handbag? Pick a fun color or a funky pattern. Your special summer bag will be your go-to when the heat is on. Some ideas to pack it with:

  • Mineral water facial spray (make your own by using a spray bottle and essential oils – store in the fridge)
  • A new water bottle with a sprig of mint
  • Cool wipes
  • A cooling towel typically sold at sporting goods stores to keep athletes from overheating
  • A fancy hand fan (mysterious AND useful)
  • A Carnelian stone (acupuncturists and herbalists report the stone helps center you after a hot surge. Hey, it’s worth a shot.)
  • Peppermint essential oil for wrists, knees and behind the ears

Status-check Your Wardrobe

Wet suits

Keep the beastie yeasties away by combating moisture. When lying out by the pool and your suit is wet, remember that you may be cooking up more than an innocent flirtation with the silver fox in the chaise lounge. In order to be safe and comfy, if you’re donning a two piece, grab an extra bottom prior to going out and stick it in your bag. After you’re done swimming, duck into a changing room and swap out your soggy bottoms for the fresh ones. You’ll stay fresh, dry and free from fungal growth.

Hot tubs

After cooling off in the pool, ever hear the siren song of the hot tub? Don’t give in to it. Even if there’s a gaggle of adults imbibing champagne and laughing, looking like they are right out of scene from Dynasty. Don’t get in. Join the fun by moseying on over and put your feet in. Sitting in bubbly hot water may seem relaxing but could bring on or exacerbate a hot flash. Hot tubs can also change the pH and acidity in your vagina, allowing for some unwanted yeast growth. In addition, a hot tub in your friend’s backyard, may or may not have chlorine which tends to destroy yeast. So, politely decline a soak in the tub.

And hose

Do not wear panty hose. Do not wear panty hose. Do not wear panty hose. There, we grant you permission to defy your grandmother’s rules.

Enjoy your summer, keep your cool and wear red lipstick. Even if you stave off hot flashes, you still have a right to be hot.

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