Lasting Longer in Bed with Promescent Duration Spray

Promescent delay spray allows men to last longer without transfer

As one of the most common sexual health issues among men, finding an effective treatment for Premature Ejaculation (PE) and lasting longer in bed has been a big concern for many men. As the most common sexual health concern for men under 40, it affects 1 in 5 men between ages 18 and 59. Fortunately, the creation of a quick-absorbing gel duration spray was developed by Dr. Ron Gilbert. Promescent Gel Duration Spray is not only effective but has come to be a reliable stand-by product for men suffering from PE.

What is Promescent Gel Duration Spray?

Promescent Gel Duration Spray
Promescent Gel Duration Spray in .04oz Trial size

Promescent is an FDA-compliant, non-prescription topical gel and duration spray for men suffering from premature ejaculation, otherwise known as PE. While there are many topical gels, creams and sprays that attempt to address issues, many of them come with issues that men, and their partners, don’t enjoy. Like these other products, Promescent utilizes lidocaine but its unique structure allows the lidocaine to absorb quickly to him, without transferring numbness to her. Translation: for men dealing with PE, reducing sensation/stimulation is good but for her…not so good. Part of the frustration with PE is not being able to last long enough for their partner to achieve orgasm. Less sensation for him and more sensation for her means he can go longer and she can have more time to climax.

No Pills and No Mess

Taking pills to alleviate PE can seem dubious, at best. It could be difficult to tell if it’s even having an effect. Promescent is backed by clinical trials and the approval of over 2,000 urologists. According to clinical trials published in the International Journal of Impotence Research:

When the product was used, 65.6% of sexual events resulted in both members of the couple having an orgasm, compared with 44.1% when the product was not used

International Journal of Impotence Research

Additionally, over 71% of trial participants felt that Promescent positively impacted their sexual experience. With over 85% of participants indicating that ejaculatory control was important to their experience, it’s clear to see how utilizing Promescent can have a great overall effect on a couple’s intimate life.

Promescent Gel Duration Spray in 2 sizes
Promescent Gel Duration Spray comes in 2 sizes: Trial (.04oz) and .25oz and uses a metered spray to ensure the same amount with each application

Another great advantage is the easy application of Promescent. Apply about three sprays to the frenulum, rub in and allow it to absorb for 10-15 minutes. (Just be sure to wash your hands.) Once it has absorbed, you no longer need to worry about it transferring to your partner or even diluting in a shower or pool. Promescent also uses a metered spray with its bottles so you always get the same amount with each spray.

But Isn’t it Like That Product from KY?

We feel obligated to bring up this subject. In 2017, Promescent filed a lawsuit with the makers of now-popular KY Duration. Originally in contact to possibly acquire Promescent in 2014, RB (parent company of KY and Durex) launched their product two years later with what Promescent believes to be proprietary information. They are alleging fraud and theft of trade secrets.

Improving Confidence Improves Experience

We all know what a mental game sex can be. For both sexes, it can affect numerous aspects from low libido and erectile dysfunction. It can also take a huge part in painful conditions such as Vaginismus. Lack of sleep, a poor diet and lack of exercise can impact libido and performance as well. Promescent allows men to not only last longer and provide their partner more pleasure, it also alleviates anxiety regarding poor performance. Men and their partners can have the time to try different positions while enjoying a more aware and present experience. We can all use a chance to connect physically and emotionally, without all those added pressures!