Lelo Lily 2 Review

With the holidays over, I can say that the past couple months have been jam-packed in terms of my schedule. In between school, work, and navigating family, I feel like I spend more time in my car than at home.

I found myself in a holiday pickle. I have so many things to do, and barely any time to myself. If you have read my work before, you know I am a huge advocate of self love and self care. Taking my own advice was crucial these past couple weeks!

For the Busy Lady

LELO Lily 2 is a small, palm-sized vibrator
LELO Lily 2: “I like to call it the happy bean”

Since my sexual health comes first, I am one to always have a vibrator with me at all times. You never know when you’re going to get a little bit of alone time, or you might be jumping from house to house during the holidays.

What appealed to me about the LELO Lily 2 was its incredibly small size. It only took up maybe a third of the palm of my hand. It can fit in my wallet, makeup bag, and even my cars center console without looking out of place. I like to call it he happy bean (wink wink).

Not that we like to judge by size, but I wasn’t optimistic on its power after looking at its size. I questioned if its design would be ergonomically fit for the hand, and if it would be convenient to use during intercourse. It turns out, I was in for a happy surprise!

Test Driving the LELO Lily 2

LELO Lily 2 shown in its packaging
Gorgeous unboxing of the LELO Lily 2

Upon turning on the LELO Lily 2, I was completely shocked to see it almost vibrate off the palm of my hand. This tiny, tiny bean-shaped vibrator seemed to pack more of a punch than my giant hand-held wands! Made out of a smooth ABS plastic, it felt very comfortable on my vulva with no abrasiveness (given its intense vibrations). The design actually curved well so you can hold the vibrator comfortably on your clitoris without straining your wrist–a win in my book!

Given that some of my other LELO products aren’t nearly as powerful, the deep, rumbly vibrations were a pleasant surprise . Achieving orgasm within minutes, I felt like I was able to get my endorphin rush without sacrificing any of my precious time this season. To truly put it to the test, I needed to try it out during sex.

Amazing Add On

Knowing this tiny vibrator is very powerful, I try to be careful incorporating them in sex because I don’t want vibrations to hinder my partner. Ironically enough, I usually prefer a stronger vibrator during sex because I can’t feel lighter ones when being penetrated. Oh the joys of vaginas!

With my partner, we found that the LELO Lily 2 added to our experience together. He could hold it on me or I could hold it on myself. The small size comes in handy because it delivers the strong vibrations to the clitoris without ever touching your partner. No disruptions, no problem! It worked well for a variety of positions, allowing me to achieve orgasms in different ways.