Wanna Chill? 5 Ways To Unwind & Get Some Me Time

It’s early November and here’s the good news: midterm elections are over (it was stressful no matter what your political opinions may be) and the holidays are closer than high school sweethearts.

Here’s the bad news: you now have to deal with those new politicians in office. Also you’ll get the questions about your single-hood at family gatherings: when you’re getting married; when you plan to have kids; or why you still have your nose pierced now that you’re a grown up.

Whatever your particular flavor of stress will be. When you gather ‘round for holiday goodness, you’ll need ways to unwind. Check out these five must-have products that will have you forgetting (if even for a moment) that passive aggressive comment your Aunt Joan mumbled about the dust collecting on your baseboards.  

1. Fancy foot cream that makes you feel like a 17th century badass

Ways to unwind with organic, minty foot cream

Named after a well-known Shakespeare play, As You Like It Organic Foot Cream will help you channel your inner Rosalind–arguably Shakespeare’s strongest female lead. She took matters into her own hands through her wit, determination and charm. (Spoiler: she disguises herself as a man, gets away with it and is lauded as a hero of love and strength) Now you can take your feet into your own hand and rub them into minty, organic bliss. Ahead of her time, she was.

2. CBD-infused bliss in the form of an relaxing whip

Ways to unwind with Bella CBD Cream

Our Bella CBD Crema Elegante contains anti-aging peptides, along with CBD oil, making it one of the supreme ways to unwind. A little bit of this thick cream goes a long way to healing, relaxing, and moisturizing. Perhaps one of the most successful up and coming products to come out of the last year is the development of CBD oil, produced from the cannabis plant. If you are concerned about the use of mary jane, don’t worry. CBD oil contains no THC which is the psychoactive part of the plant. You get all the healing benefits of the plant without being, for lack of a better word, stoned.

3. Handy dandy massager you can use all over (seriously, it won’t tangle your hair)

Ways to Unwind with the Swan Personal Massager

Have you ever gone to get your hair cut or colored and as a bonus, the stylist massages your scalp? If you haven’t, you’re going to the wrong places and you have to up your game because it is seriously the best thing on the planet. Another possibility is checking out this little personal massage system with rotating hands designed to prevent hair from getting tangled on the scalp. This is a game-changer. While it won’t replace your hair stylist, they should be concerned because it can just hang out on your bedside table in its own little charging cradle. Oh, you also get to use this all over your sex-ay body. Get it, girl.

4. Get your feminist craft on because you shouldn’t punch a wall

Ways to Unwind with the Feminist Activity Book

Do you get angry after watching the news run the latest story about the yet another middle age white man who sexually harassed, inappropriately touched or kept a women from accepting the acknowledgement for something she discovered, created or completed? Does it make you want to punch a wall? Do you suffer from screaming, “What the f*ck is wrong with everyone, it’s not that hard to not be a d*ck!” If so, this Feminist Activity Book is for you. Take out that frustration by working on some crafts. Keep your hands busy: dress a paper doll (she can wear whatever the hell she wants regardless of her age or body type) or doodle your way to freedom from the patriarchy. Remember, this is how the pussy hat started.

5. Color your way to f*cking nirvana

Ways to Unwind with the F*cking Awesome Coloring Book

Words have power. You have power. And sometimes you just need a break from thinking about what you can do with all that power. We jam-pack our days with taking care of kids, other people’s kids, our houses, our partners, our laundry. Take a minute and breathe. Find it hard to just relax? Even three minutes can save you. Coloring takes your attention away from yourself and makes you focus on the present moment. And you deserve m@th*rf*ck!ng ways to unwind, darn it.