Approachable Anal: An Intro

Peach image on pink background about anal play

I always love the approach of August, because I get to do one of my favorite things: normalizing butt stuff by talking about anal play. 

Yes, anal play.

Now I know what you’re thinking, isn’t anal a little extreme? It actually isn’t, but our societal taboos may make you have mixed feelings surrounding anal and anal play. Simply put, it’s just another form of stimulation I am here to shed light on.

The History of Anal

Anal sex isn’t a new trend, it was recorded as far back as Ancient Greek and Roman times, and not exclusively to homosexual partners. When I visited the sex museum in Amsterdam, what struck me was an Ancient Chinese drawing depicting homosexual lovers having anal intercourse, as well as playing with anal toys. You wouldn’t expect this right? In more modern times, we see anal play normalized through conversation, films, and cultural shifts.

To make a long story short, anal play has always existed. We are here to talk about it in a safe and educational manner. 

Misconceptions About Anal Play

The biggest misconception about anal play revolves around sexuality. Many think that it is only for homosexual people who have penises. Some believe that receiving anal stimulation as a straight male somehow makes you homosexual. Ironically, for women, pornography has made anal sex something that women are expected to do easily and on call. Others may see anal stimulation as morally degrading, wrong, or painful. All the above are not the case when done under the confines of consent and proper technique. 

All around, our ideas around anal are a bit skewed. 

Why Anal

Simply put, anal stimulation is indeed, another form of stimulation. As humans, we can further explore our sexual pleasure by being more open with our bodies and trying out different techniques. When it comes to anal stimulation, there is a whole new world of possibilities that could boost your sensual responses. 

Is Anal Enjoyable as a Woman ?

Although our male friends have a prostate which can make anal stimulation incredibly sensational, the female body can still enjoy it! The rim of a woman’s anus and the inside of the anal cavity is incredibly sensitive and filled with multiple “G Spots”. In fact, anal stimulation can actually cause a great deal of sensitivity to our vaginas due to their close proximity. Pretty cool, right? 

Types of Anal Stimulation

Anal stimulation can be achieved through external or internal maneuvers. External could involve light touching or oral stimulation, while internal could range from penetration with fingers, toys, or genitals. 

For women, a very common way to incorporate anal stimulation is to have your partner lightly put pressure on the rim of your anus during intercourse or oral sex with their fingers or tongue.  When using a toy, such as a plug or massager, there can be indirect stimulation to the vagina and vulva as well.

With practice (and some of the below tips) you can practice penetrative methods such as fingers or toys, or penetrative anal intercourse. All is safe and enjoyable when following a few simple guidelines. 

Anal Play Guidelines

  • Before anal play, it is best to practice hygiene. Washing the anus and practicing “cleaning out” methods, such as a light water enema, can help clear any residue and have the area clean for play.
  • The rectum does not self lubricate like a vagina. Make sure you are always using plenty of lubricant, no matter what the activity. We recommend using a thicker lubricant such as Sliquid Sassy, Sliquid Organics Natural Gel or Intimate Earth Soothe.

Shown above: Sliquid Sassy, Sliquid Organics Natural Gel or Intimate Earth Soothe

  • Warming up the rectum with light outer stimulation is essential for easing your way into penetration. Take your time and check in constantly with your partner when attempting any sort of penetration. 
  • Anal penetration depends on your relaxation. The rectum itself has a very strong anal sphincter which you must relax, especially for penetration. We recommend trying breathing techniques to really free up discomfort that can happen from your sphincter not being fully relaxed. 
  • The anus and rectum are made of sensitive tissues. Go slow and be mindful. Abrasive touch or play can be damaging and irritating to the area. 

For more in depth info, stay tuned for our Anal play tutorials coming up. 

Reasons Why Some People Prefer Anal Sex 

When anal stimulation is done correctly, partners may find that anal penetration is incredibly relaxing, enjoyable, and even more sensational than vaginal. Anal penetration may also be comfortable for those due to their gender identity or sexual expression, or have trauma surrounding vaginal penetration. Whatever the reason, each reason is valid and safe to explore.